June 10, 2017 1:30 pm

Clear Lake Public Library - 200 North 4th St. - Clear Lake, Iowa


Using census records to research your family is the closest thing to time travel.  You can return to a certain date and place in history and “meet” your family, possibly learning about ancestors you never knew existed. 

Some examples of what you’ll learn at the June 10th meeting:

The U.S. federal censuses for the years 1900-1930 include a date of immigration for immigrants. Use that date to narrow your search for your ancestor’s passenger arrival record.
Be sure to locate your ancestor’s adult siblings in census records. It was common for extended family to live in the same household or near other family members. You may find a parent, grandparent, or other family members living either with them or nearby.
If you’re having a difficult time locating your ancestor, try searching using only given names and other details like birth year, residence, family members, place of birth, etc.
Occasionally, census takers only recorded initials in place of the given name. Using only a first initial will bring up these records.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Program Schedule

  Date Program Provider Program
  January 14   Adoption Records Access
  February  11   Use of Church-related Records (Various  Denominations)
  March  11   Civil Conservation Corp Records
  April  8   Family History/Genealogy Round Table Sharing 
  May 13   Use of Plat Books in Genealogy
  July 8    
  August 12    
  September 9    
  October 14    
  November 11   Annual Meeting/ Election of Officers 
  December  Merry Christmas   A time to celebrate Christmas with family - No Meeting 

Meetings start at 1:30 with program following