February 10, 2018 1:30 pm

Clear Lake Public Library - 200 North 4th St. - Clear Lake, Iowa

Dennis Wilson: “MY LIFE AS A RAIL”

Spend an afternoon with Dennis S. Wilson and hear his life story of working on the railroad for forty years as a brakeman, conductor, and union leader. With a little bit of humor, history and real life experience, Dennis tells about derailments, blinding Iowa blizzards, tragic accidents, mergers, bankruptcies, long layovers and much more. His stories have appeared in The Iowan, and Our Iowa magazine. He also is an advocate for Orphan Train history recognition, speaking throughout the state on the subject.


Come and join us for this thoughtful program.

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  January 13 Rita Goranson Pioneer Homes and Structures of North Iowa
February  10 Dennis Wilson Railroads and Records
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